Homesickness, 1940

Homesickness, 1940
Homesickness, 1940 Art Print
Rene Magritte
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Homesickness, 1940 depicts an interesting scene -- a man looking out over what appears to be a bridge railing while a lion sits behind him. Notice that the man is looking out over the railing while the lion is intently looking in the opposite direction. Unlike the bowler-hat wearing men in Magritte's other paintings, such as The Son of Man, 1964, this man has no hat but he does have what appear to be wings. Perhaps the man is an angel.

It is also interesting that the sky depicted in Homesickness, 1940 is a golden brown. The brown color palette used in this artwork and the position of the man/angel gives the painting a feeling of melancholy. Who is the title Homesickness applying to? The lion or the man or both? Afterall, the natural place for a lion is in the wild, not a city, and he is the "King of the Beasts". The man/angel and the lion are both homesick for where they came from.

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