La Golconde, 1953

La Golconde
La Golconde Art Print
Rene Magritte
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La Golconde, 1953 is another of Magritte's painting depicting a bowler-had clad gentleman. But unlike in his other paintings such as The Son of Man, 1964 and Le Chef d'Oeuvre, this painting depicts dozens and dozens of men. One can imagine that the men are falling downward like raindrops -- a down pour of men -- or that the men are like balloons floating upward. Or perhaps they are not in motion and are stationary. The men are identical in appearance except for the direction they are facing; some are facing towards us, some are facing 45 degrees to the left, while others are facing 45 degrees to the right. And the men are all in a perfect grid, in a crystal lattice such as carbon atoms in a diamond; these men are not randomly placed -- there is perfect order. How far do the men extend up/down, left/right, forward/back? Do they represent society, rigid structure and conformity? Yet notice the roof line of the buildings; they are not in a straight ridig line; they go up and down. Yet at the same time, all the windows are the same, all the buildings have the same color roof and same color exterior. The shadows on the roof indicate that the light source, the sun, is above the viewer's left shoulder.

Size: 81 x 100 cm. Location: The Menil Collection, Houston, TX, USA.

Magritte's image of a man in a bowler hat is a recurring theme that reappears in several of his pictures:

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