Les Amants, 1928

Les Amants
Les Amants Art Print
Rene Magritte
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Les Amants (translation: "The Lovers") depicts a man and woman with their heads covered in shrouds. With green hills in the background and their heads pressed together, the image looks almost as if they are posing for a photography. This image could be a photograph of a warm moment between a couple. But the shrouds hide their faces from us and from each other. The shrouds turn an intimate moment into isolation. The shrouds might also be interpretted as "love is blind", or perhaps that one's lover is shrouded in mystery and is never completely known.

It has been suggested that one possible source for the shrouded heads is the memory of his mother's apparent suicide. In 1912, when Magritte was only thirteen years old, his mother was found drowned in the river Sambre. When her body was recovered from the river, her nightdress was supposedly wrapped around her head.

Size: 54.2 x 73 cm. Location: Private collection.

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