Les Valeurs Personnelles, 1952

Les Valeurs Personnelles, 1952
Les Valeurs Personnelles, 1952 Limited Edition
Rene Magritte
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Le Tombeau des Luteurs
Le Tombeau des Luteurs Art Print
Magritte, Rene
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Les Valeurs Personnelles, 1952 (translation: "Personal Values") depicts a room full of oversized everyday object: a comb, a matchstick, a wineglass, a shaving brush, and a bar of soap. These familiar household objects crowd the room. Are these object in fact oversized or is it perhaps that the room is in miniature?

And the walls depict clouds, trying to open up the room but they are not real clouds, they are painted clouds. Yet visible in the wardrobe mirror is the reflection of an open window that does open the room to the outside.

Magritte uses the theme of an oversized object inside a room in several of his paintings including Le Tombeau des Luteurs.

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