L'Homme au Chapeau Melon, 1964

L'Homme au Chapeau Melon
L'Homme au Chapeau Melon Art Print
Rene Magritte
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Magritte used the image of a man wearing a bowler hat (a.k.a. "Derby") in serveral of his paintings. This painting is perhaps not as well known as other paintings by Magritte, nevertheless, it is easily identified as a painting by Magritte and recalls the well known painting The Son of Man, 1964.

Observe the painting and its details. The man' face is covered, just as if the dove flew into the frame just as Magritte "snapped" the picture. The bird is flying from the man's left to his right, towards the light. We do not see the man's eyes yet we see the bird's left eye; in the painting The Son of Man, 1964 we can see the man's left eye. And the man's tie is a pale pink compared to the bright red tie that appears in The Son of Man, 1964. And unlike that painting, this painting is a closeup "shoulder" shot of the man. Look at the blue background behind him; is that the sky or is he sitting in front of a backdrop for a portrait?

With any artwork, it's important to try and understand the meaning that the artist is conveying to you. There is meaning there in the image. Ponder the image and ask yourself what is in the meaning of each artistic element. What do you see in the painting? What does it remind you of? How is it similar to other paintings by this artist and by other artists? Look at the juxtaposition of objects within the frame and how the image is composed.

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