1928 Rene Magritte Paintings

Selected list of 1928 paintings by Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte. See the Rene Magritte section of AllPosters.com for ready-to-hang framed art prints.

  • 1928: The Lining of Sleep (started in 1927), Intermission (started in 1927), The Flowers of the Abyss (Les Fleurs de l'Abîme), Discovery, The Lovers I & II, The Voice of Space, The Daring Sleeper, The Acrobat's Ideas, The Automaton, The Empty Mask, Reckless Sleeper, The Secret Life, Attempting the Impossible, The False Mirror.
Le Faux Miroir
Le Faux Miroir
The False Mirror
Tentative de l'Impossible, c.1928
Tentative de l'Impossible
Attempting the Impossible
The Lovers
The Lovers
La Lectrice Soumise
La Lectrice Soumise
La Ruse Symetrique, c.1928
La Ruse Symetrique
Les Charmes du Paysage, c.1928
Les Charmes du Paysage
Les Fleurs de l'Abi^me 1, c.1928
Les Fleurs de l'Abîme
Les Jours Gigantesques, c.1928
Les Jours Gigantesques